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Every family has a unique story.  I write yours.

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Birth Mom Letters

Having the perfect “Dear Birthmom” letter is a vital step in the adoption process.  My goal is to create a personal and informative letter that will illustrate and illuminate your life and show what a fantastic home you can offer a baby!

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Memoirs are a wonderful way to capture family memories.  Because, you see, memoirs and memories come from the same Latin root word...
Everyone knows this to be true.

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About Sarah

I feel the idea that the art of perfecting the written and printed word should never be lost or compromised.  I work with families to make sure their "voice" comes through in the finished product, be those letters, memories, stories or more.

Meet Sarah

"For years I have watched birthmoms read through family profiles. Sarah’s letters are always the ones they put on top.  Her profiles bring out the unique qualities of my adoptive parents.  Sarah makes my families shine and the ones that use her always get picked first."


Adoption Facilitator


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