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“Words inscribed in a heart can be more durable than words written on a stone”


― Munia Khan

About Sarah

Sarah has been writing family letters for years.  She celebrates each time one of her families takes home their new baby!  Her philosophy is to find the uniqueness in each family, and then apply a combination of empathy, curiosity, and robust writing ability to help each individual letter shine.  

Sarah lives in Portland, Oregon, where she has raised two children with her longtime partner/honorary husband.  She loves to write and is currently working to chronicle her own childhood and the places and people that were formative to the person she is today.

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"Sarah was easy to work with and quickly produced a professional-looking family profile for us.  This profile successfully helped us to be matched with our birthmother."


~ Kathy

"When we began the adoption process we had no idea all the necessary steps needed to create a profile that would be presentable as well as honest.  Sarah helped us... put together a profile which wasall that and more.  It was a great help and source of stillness in the rollercoaster of emotions that can occur when trying to adopt.  Many a thank-you to Sarah
for her hard work."


~ Courtnee

"We have now twice worked with Sarah in building our family letter and it has always been an enjoyable experience.  She has years of experience in knowing what to add and how to make the uniqueness of your family show through.  At a time when you have so much to do—from home studies to becoming parents—it's nice to have someone take this off your plate and send you a wonderful finished product.  Thanks, Sarah!"


~ G & B

"For years I have watched birthmoms read through family profiles. Sarah’s letters are always the ones they put on top.  Her profiles bring out the unique qualities of my adoptive parents.  Sarah makes my families shine and the ones that use her always get picked first."

Nancy Hurwitz Kors, Ph. D

Adoption Facilitator

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