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Hand  Heart Quill


Because personal knowledge of place, time, and experience is lost along with the life that lived it, we should all consider preserving our own story in one way or another.  In this age of digital photos and video chats, it is too easy to lose track of those old Kodachrome photos or who is in them.  Newspaper clippings crumble, people forget.  Ways of doing things change.  A life lived is a piece of history, and history is what builds the future.  

So much lasting value can be found in creating a chronicle of who you are, and there are many ways to go about it.  Converting paper photos into printed albums is a delightful and easy gift.  Sometimes it is a compilation of genealogy research as well as photos, clippings, and supporting text.  Perhaps a more robust written memoir or tribute book might be appropriate.  

Whatever you envision, I can help you build your family story into reality.

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